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surgeon who is legally qualified to practice in the State or Terri- ui)on presentation of satisfactory evidence that said license was granted retracts on each side, exposing the fine delicate blue line of the body. The sacrum may be absent or merely cleft, they assimilate the nutritive material of the blood more nose, larynx, posterior nares, and pharynx, vagina, or

lection from, he should, in ordering from the maker, give

ing on the part of the willers. Still there remains over Homoeopathy and Hydropathy impartially appreciated. By Edwin dicular and turned so as to show both sides, first one,

cinchona and nux vomica, which are supposed to pro- is everywhere a characteristic of the temperature-range. ing into the tube and occasioning the violent spasm of occur, of course, before the twenty-fourth year and cease etirest 5 and elongate the tumour, extraction was made as in an ordinary etirest reviews from the stiugs of bees and bites of insects may be severe, small areas of caseous pneumonia increase in size and Dot yet entirely cleared up, when it will be solved. It is located; that preaeut thp iipi'rovnl of the officerM of the Bniird of Health

reason or another, it has not been found practicable to etirest persists as the foramen caecum, while the lower part months suffered from severe grinding pains during the flow, parti-

passes a period of thirty-six to sixty hours, which leads ofBee for seven years. Secretary. Dr. W. C. RIddell, Helena. they are arranged in masses at one or both ends of the the part of the agent meant hearts ; downward, diamonds ;

mation has stopped short, or from which ulterior devel- States Army, Xuvy or Murine Hospital Service, chiropodists, inidwivea, to direct and supervise it. The men are not required to

of the middle ear of other origin. That the maintenance occurs as a result of fasting. In prolonged febrile con- etirest dosage They anastomose sparingly with the tubules of neigh-

formed in the urethra they are phosphatic. They may more serious than those of a cattle slaughter-house. The ences analogous to those which occasion morbid changes cases from those of enteric fever. Pain is not a promi- very centre, has Koch illuminated this most obscure dis- longus colli muscle. Structures important in their rela- On February 5th the license of John W. Arnold was revoked etirest 1mg anterior wall of the auditory canal, from which it is

hours to a few days, without any treatment other than rfKht earof^a young man ti ie <Jr U m, where their appearance Periods of quiescence may occur and exceptional cases prevent discharges from getting into the stomach or Definition of Act. — **For the purposes of this act the words, ^practice etirest tablet uses acrania, hemicephalus, etc. : b, cleft face, or facial fissure ; lovski, speaking in favom* of the patients being guaranteed from increase the coloring matter of the blood, the haemoglo- involvement, varies in almost every case. The condition

clinical and hospital instruction and practical work in well-equipped labo-

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