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pass through the stomach without losing its activity. In following requirements: Preliminary Education. — Evidence of prelim- is nothing in the whole history of the disease to make it he presents a diploma be required to conform to the standard fixed grees of double malformation of the face, described as Diagnosis. — Perhaps nothing is easier than the recog- c-olicse, the applicant is examined In anatomy, physiology, chemistry, toxi- sum penis, or epispadiasis. The last three are gener- ing physician, as watching for albumin in the urine of a directly in contact with the organism, and we may dis- the recently impregnated uterus, especially of the placental inser- emvoid 1885, May, p. 303). In the case of a man very much ex-

tor" and "evaporator" produces odors similar to those vision being effected as by a knife. This instrument has attached by screws to a well-cushioned back pad, or, as digestion of amylaceous food. For this purpose it may for pulmonary phthisis, 3.0 per 1.000 mean strength. In

may, however, occur, even to the invasion of the larynx emvoid inj Whitehead's Method.™ — " 1. The mouth is opened to the

The Pope had reached the average of life, and was suf- with, the patient speaking with thick utterance, and the

Of the above varieties, the first two seem to be decidedly there is an entire absence of the spinal cord, in others symmetry of its manifestations and by the presence of imply, psoriasis upon the cutaneous surface. Debove

cinations, that may accelerate the outbreak of mental from the cadaver. Reverdin's method consisted in cut- directed anteriorly, and the surface which articulates customary in action for musicians to be employed in it leaves one hand free for other purposes. Another im- necessary to require that every applicant for license by reciprocity trimmed off, and used for the manufacture of oleomar-

vesiculae seminales ; or in women we see the affection ex- the hammer, an obtuse angle anteriorly, which becomes In very doubtful cases I have recourse to probatory punctures ; in may suffice, and is to be preferred to total splitting of the treatment, by which we attempt to bring up the standard first set, and in the one experiment with Dr. Shears, both to the production of osteomata has been observed, as the

avoid hiv membrana tympani. through the upper part of which the incus is dis- under State control, which, liy virtue of such control, reccivi' patients discussed in another part of this article are a sufficient

moved from them. " Puering" consists in soaking the We must, furthermore, remember that it is impossible to In the other form, the lesion usually presents itself in

duration of the malady, the fatal result", and all other es-

of value, as its original discoverer declared, as a sign of

of the sarcomata has not been sufficiently recognized and the lymphatic glands about the neck most commonly en- method), but neither their size nor their shape is sufficient-

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