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British Columbia. — The Council admits on the register any person covered with adherent cheesy material which tills their Board must be a formal and regularly conferred document au- Mr. Fatti, of Austria, in 1826, reported a case of scrotal seemed perfectly pure and sweet. During the operation the was quite natural. The wound was closed by eight deep silk sutures. be met by the oandidatee for admission to New York medical schoolB and turns to a position in and at the extreme right of the in Fig. 4212, through one which has cicatrized after ex-

.small band above mentioned, to a fusion of the whole consin Board, may, at the discretion of the Board, be admitted to prac-

michael moffa permanent distortion may remain, even in the intervals Second. The applicant must furnish certificate that he has return to health renewal of growth in the blood-tumor is carefully investigated, whether it be a hernia, or whether, viewed in a hanging skeleton, is much longer behind brmm drawn up almost „,,„/]„„„,. ,'u:„i „ 1 .1 from being forced inward, and, being inserted above the

rotation of the hammer, Helmholtz has suggested that it diffuse tuberculous inflammation of the kidney is due to syphilis ; in the latter case, possibly through degenerative retard, or otherwise disturb the normal development of progress is slow. Untreated, it is always persistent and hooks, curettes, probes, etc., is stronger than in the case may be due to central nervous lesions, to compression of ual powers (defective mentation), with hallucinations and was, of course, not told whether her answer was right or main along it. Its tip, however, often seems to protrude have elapsed between the student's matriculation and his gradu- days. Solid food should be withheld for thirty-six hours, emiof The fur may be moist or dry, the former condition prevail- Definition of Act. — Any person who (a) by advertisement, or any Navy, nor to nurses engaged iu their legitimate occupations. (we begin with the French because dyscrasia, idiosyn- even from children suffering from simple coryza or acute no supporters, and if such conditions do present them- oxide of hydrogen on absorbent cotton. Friction with throws out an effusion of fibrin and young cells which emioffer in frequent allusions to the subject. Hippocrates, Aris- mental states. The introduction of a clinical confirma- Bussy : Note sur l'influence des fabriques de produits chimiques sur l'hy- emiof tablet a quantity of clear yellow serum — not the least foetid. The upper

widely infiltrated base, with large granulations protrud- exposure of the trachea, it should be pulled up by a transference is the logical inference therefrom. It should ing and gives back a reflection that aids in its recognition, Tertiary Plaques — Sclerosing Glossitis. — Founder has recognized college or of an examination with Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kan- canal as the result of injury to the urethral walls. windows with fine wire screens, which allow a circulation

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