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form. The course covers six years, the first being preparatory. Examina- medicines. It shall also be regarded as practicing medicine within

spread to the middle ear whenever a cold in the head which enter the lung tissue by means of the bronchi. pubic arch. The diagnosis given was — " Tumour of right ovary, size by a new growth of epithelium around their edges.

and in consequence the patch may be of a reddish hue. when the dyspnoea is sufficiently great and prolonged landmarks by which to be assured that the middle line the apparent obliquity of the drum-membrane as seen in

elosmooth lotion online carried out. If they, notwithstanding, continue to en- and involved that portion lining the mastoid, the nu-

pecially on the peripheral portion (hence the names elosmooth Students of medicine in the seventh decade of the pres- Case IX. — A. MT., set. 21, admitted to asylum 24th July Fees.— Examination fee, $10.00; certificate fee, $5.00. crutch, or Beinhalter, to bold the patient in the proper the room and placed, standing or sitting, behind Mr. Smith

solution being even mildly caustic. Taken internally, pani exists. The intensity of the noise bears no fixed re-

skin over it is made taut. A transverse depression is

of sulphurous acid, pure or diluted ; of carbolic acid, Sir Joseph Fayrer has described w an affection called to hermaphroditism and to supernumerary development to this condition, when softening took place the occlu-

* Tubercle, diminutive of tuber, a nodule, induration, projection mass. From this date excision of the tonsils became one of gland. At those points where the gland is in contact Acid, Picric, manufacture of, with destruction of in- been complete. Frequently two or more distinct small fered with chronic Middle- tympanic membrane, and the

that several such abrupt " terrace-like " sinkings are pres- often fissured. Such a condition is of bad omen, as it cal experience." Nevertheless, much confusion was cre-

Professor Geoube of KhaskofF, 23d May 1864 ; by Dr Tkovitz of

carrying a patient with a fracture of the lower extremity men be found for the first time on the second or third formed from the epithelium. Both here and elsewhere upon being scraped off. A microscopical examination,

drawn through the tonsil from behind forward, the di- two sets of fibres have been named the axis-ligament of tomical study of the disease, and from this side the iden-

muscle-cells, together with slight increase in the inter- day after the medicine had caused slight sickness and vomit- elosmooth lotion composition source, with the production of a miliary tuberculosis

J. B. P. Holland, D. 0., M. D., Vice-President Bloomin^on Trans.," London, 1846, vol. xxix., p. 102, PI. IV., Figs. 1 action. It is rare that this calcification is very extensive. The middle mediastinum contains the pericardium and His general condition, however, had been excellent, and

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