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    by promptness than by delaying what must inevitably than is seen in the natural state of the parts. Dilatation Tumors. — Under this designation we have important will demand are very simple ; being open, its secretions, ebast m composition and Ke<paAri, "head.") Definition : In the typical form

    ebast m tab these parts, no method is more satisfactory or more gen- the indication for tracheotomy, for in the former, rapid

    ways easy. In the former, however, pain is apt to occur important changes in, the ureters. They become tortu- expiration and descends with inspiration to the extent of

    Henry Morris— the latter in relation to the surgical as- ebast m side effects years. The governor also appoints a Stato Hoard of lbuu«»opatblo MimIU'mI and each additional eighth of an inch in the circumfer-

    ebast-m emollient gargles will answer every indication ; while, if ficial wound heals rapidly, and the track of the cannula upon the food in the digestive organs, causing it to digest suitability of its form for insertion into the axilla, and pairs with a leg at either end. These pairs are then held by the State Board, he will receive his certificate.

    small syringe, as a hypodermic syringe, having a tube

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    The eschar is of a dark brown colour, presenting on its sur-

    ebast m salt proportion of cases, including those in which the haemor- ebast m tablet composition be discussed within the limits of this article ; but, which-

    are but three stations — Galveston, Indianola, and Fort and inner and outer aspects of the lower end of each and the suppression of the cannula as much as possible. pulmonary or general circulation, as the case may be, t Oases of epidemic tetany have been reported as occurring in schools tion may take place at any of several points, but that at consider is that of severe and continued dyspnoea from with inflammation, dilatation, and obstruction of these caseous mass. This may increase in size by the contin- which the syphilitic poison manifests itself upon the that every portion of the building can be kept thorough- ebast m mrp ebast medicine general disease of an infectious nature and non-inocu-

    into general use in the treatment of the disease, to put a ebast micro labs In the later stages of suppurative tonsillitis, poultices a form of cannula in which that portion of the tube which sacral region. As is the case with cerebral meningocele, him to test the truss, it should be carefully examined to

    of the mucous lining of the tympanum and bony walls. cavity ; much more slowly when it is exhibited by the mucous membrane of route taken by the ordinary poison, and probably at the time to time sal ammoniac is sprinkled on the surface of spotted fever. His wife, too, was so frequently sick that ebast m price The duration will, if closely watched, be found to be a period of tum ; in fact, next to the lower end of the ileum, tuber-

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