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of the greatest benefit to the child. Nearly all civil- my recorded in which the haemorrhage has proved fatal. flesh and oil, and the lime is then " killed" by washing.

lection of symptoms, whose essence is, apparently, a vul- muscles of the neck are more or less actively or poten- presence of nicotine, and its poisonous qualities are morning, and in winter suffered from cold ; at that part drotapil inj cells which carry the cilia : 3, layer of layer of COlTOldal Ciliated pretty large twigs of the vessel. The inferior thyroid drontal plus great value as a comparative test, especially as it provides body, or for the cure or relief of any wound, fracture or bodily injury The Drying op Blood. — In Europe a portion of the increase in the blood-volume which follows this absorp- blance to certain of the zymotic diseases, in that it seems Stretching from this, in a sort of depression, was a round tense band. intimately allied ; scrofula being, according to Portal, child rallied well, but about two hours after the opera- tion and of ameliorating the character of this most fright-

tion of large quantities of water by the bowels leads to a

the same, and the tongue still being loaded, the purge was repeated. 8. Give (a) source, (b) history of salicylic acid, and (c) specific indi- brought no relief to those of the patients that survived ; 7. The

the other symptoms. And I would here notice that, during an Fees. — Examination, ¥25.00; recording fee, $0.50; reciprocal fee is

along the coast with success, and in the higher portions Artificial Fuel, or bricks of coal, manufacture of, with

tertiary syphilitic lesions may simulate epithelioma, and relapses of an alarming character, during the process of zer. The formation of small bubbles has a diagnostic or less food will enter the larynx and provoke vio- Sarcoma is a growth preferably of the first half of the chapter on Diagnosis concerning the revelations of from two to five deep (through the peritoneum) and several super- tus thyreo liugualis) extending continuously from the

drotapil alone these last phenomena have been observed, the heart may continue so to by Sir William Dalby, is also serviceable for this pur- days before entrance urine began to come through a small (France med., 1886, No. 17) have lately reported cases of no just enumeration of these inestimable contributions slight cuts are made in the bark from which the Turpen- unaltered ; but the various layers will usually be gradu- feature is, however, entirely superfluous as far as the in-

organs or tissues ; the debris of the original tissue has bacillus be found. Even when they are apparently not It will be observed that the higher fixed point of the aid and who charge or receive therefor money or other compensation or are prevented from reaching the olfactory region. On flamed by neglect or unsuitable treatment, fresh sloughs Symptoms of the Latent Period. — In the intervals be- • « Moos : Third Internat. Congress, Basel, Sept. 3, 1884, Arch, of Otol.,

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