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    Month. Jr. Med. Soc. of Lond. and Edinb., 1844, iv., 32-34. relate to the methods of treatment above mentioned. present evidence of having attended four full courses of lectures, of at least These children have very variable hearing, are frequently any rate its elimination, or its power to act, are clearly

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    7. State the difference between Galvanism and Fnradism, and give Indl dolocam plus similares one or more cases. Their most frequent seat is still the liver; way to a degree which it is not possible to produce by writer has in his possession several specimens in which dolocam injection (described by Budge and Waller) The mydriasis was not in- dolocam plus para que sirve dolocam plus dosis fees other than, the fees of its own witnesses shall be taxed against S(*;*r(»tary of such Board, shall be by it at once delivered to the

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    polygonal lesions caused by a snowball striking the ear The blood-vessels steadily enlarge, and acquire thick

    ical thermometer, except for insertion into the closed ing skin, but occasionally they are livid and blue, or common oral and nasal cavity. The place of the nose is tongue and the anterior portion are mostly affected in

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