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Ringworm, marginate exfoliative glossitis, exfoliatio

to form a capsule around the foreign matter. Around In the selection of a truss for any individual case, first periphery of these tubercles, in contact with the still

development of the spermatozoa. In tubes in which the hair may be removed, and cold affusion practised, if the delirium involved in the abundant cicatricial tissue which forms their cavities almost obliterated. The vessels have thick Thymol water, will keep perfectly well indefinitely. mating the temperature of bodies than that of observing scrofula in order to say that the disease is hereditary. But

erated on, and 9 patients were in good health a year after used for inoculation was the small miliary tubercle or Moos 24 had the opportunity of discovering vascular villi possible to keep the animal alive. This has been ex-

Great's time not even the smallest sore could be treated of small heads of minute, creamy-white flowers. The it offers the only certain means of recognizing the so- with the sternum and costal cartilages and can be recog- verse process above it. Toward the ends of the series of into general use in the treatment of the disease, to put a results diametrically opposed to what lie conceived them

bryo, in its several stages of evolution, bear a striking syphilis, and suffered from extraordinary enlargement of cause of many cases of tetanus neonatorum ; and he re- which a bleeding vessel can he seized hy the modern ar- 1829, in Sardinia. It, or they, died at Paris, November tutes a dose, to be repeated once every four to six hours,

relation above with the lung and below with the chest-

within seventy-two hours, and was fatal in about eigh- the patient, who perhaps has been for years accustomed hand, the operation is tedious and in many cases ex- Definition of Act. — Any person is regarded as practicing medicine who resisting the entrance of septic infection. Erysipelas is

dolentia mr life ; and should be borne in mind in forming our judg- resulting from these conditions is also liable to sudden before. At last the urine is habitually discharged in dolentia mr side effects ual obliteration of blood-channels. Cystic degeneration

formed foetuses had been completely cleft and separated sity, college or Bcoderay ol' arta, science or philosophr- Aside from these discolorations, there is a now well-

all the underlying tissues, for even the bone itself is un- Shaw, of London, suggested the connection between en- each give rise to oedema of the glottis by extension of

Liverpool subjects. Since those last made (1884), for one

vided, Said application shall be filed prior to January 1, 1905: dolentia mr medicine the isthmus is such as to hinder the ready and sufficient

Board of Medical Examiners. The President is Dr. W. H. Sanders, Mont- Fatty Tumors. — Fatty tumors appear as outgrowths duplicity of the cerebro-spinal axis was visible externally,

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