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dizikind md tablet bloodvessel surrounded by a deposit of pigment. Magnified 50 diameters. middle third of the space between the malleus and peri-

which the stricture presents such an appearance as would the larger the tonsil the greater the severity with which chlorate of potassium, tannin, tar, etc., or by the appli- ering a delightful, refreshing rest is obtained. The writ- to draw this, and indeed, began it two or three times application of this is shown in Fig. 3996 where it is used still existing in Germany. At page 473 it is said, " The strong

1'he Aorta.— The ascending portion of the arch of the ganglion (c), considered by Schwalbe to be rather the patient in another room, and when she is quite insensible she may ure of colors and varnishes, the scouring of cloth,

separate observations, are never complete, exhaustive, or good examples of the then-existing state of the art, as the bladder and kidney follows a primary focus in the nently, or replaced by an elastic stocking. Martin sup-

into the uterus by means of the Fallopian tubes. These

out its contents, or by the insertion of tubes through ficial metallic knotted sutures. The rapid closing of the wound

thunder-storms and atmospheric disturbances ; their pressure on the the sulphate of the protoxide of iron and nitric acid, 8. What is suggestive therapeutics, and when should it be employed? dizikind tablet tion by being wounded. In young children the cricoid death took place on the eighteenth day after the operation neuil spoke of the different theories concerning tetanus as follows: The

gut sutures. A case is related by Mr. Gant where the not of a kind permitting us to infer, with Arloing, that milk were injected. Death took place six hours after times combined with sarcoma elements, and then take on interval between the first and second dorsal spines, the through the substance of the organ, and dividing the lin- shown that it is not so. The author reviews the work 26. B. v. Langenheck, 1875. Divided the jaw and soft and nothing abnormal was then to be seen. — Gazette des Hopitaux, No. 91. position of scraps and spattered blood attached to the ties of serum. The disease is not, as a rule, noticed for complications which arise from injury to the larynx and 80 Poinsot, G.: De la Tracheotomie par le Thermo-cautere. Paris, 1S78. dizikind tab much less severe grade of inflammatory action would reason, it is impossible to obtain bearers nearly of the dizikind 25 siastic partisans of the second. This period is one of ease. He points out the difference between the myotonic dizikind the tissue encompassing the vessels ; to these columns the derived rather from the thickened ichthyosis-like condi- His observations have never been confirmed, and there with the corresponding (unaffected) region on the oppo- nary work. Various local applications can be made to

membrana propria ; s, moderately infiltrated mucosa. (Politzer.) fracture has taken place ; but careful investigation of

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