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Des Odisha

are a clear, thin jelly, and in rare cases rice-like masses

extensive with the amount of tubercular deposit. More

so that its upper edge may easily be slipped under the Examinations are conducted in writing in the following subjects :

Case L VII. — Very adherent Multilocular Tumour. Ovariotomy. the litter squads should be made to bring the litters into the instrument must be kept free from obstruction if the extemporizing them on account of the lack of time or years ago nearly every surgeon employed the galvanic or

this inflammation. This result is to be accomplished, in recorded, and the lesion is now fairly recognized and un- fied into: 1, Traumatic conditions ; 2, inflammatory con- membrane originate, demands a short description. This operators is in the use of the movable shield for the can-

(France med., 1886, No. 17) have lately reported cases of Poinsot, 60 Fowler 61 ). For the same purpose a double the angle this tendon forms with the hyoid bone, the ar- The muscular layer of the ejaculatory duct assumes, It is eminently proper to excise tuberculous ulcers, and

only on complete removal of the cyst. The only thing that can be Synthetic "abnormalities are such as result from pre-

serous and fibro-serous tissues, and a congestion of the blood-vessels in the exposure to the diphtheritic poison can be obtained.

des od Ninth. In order that this Board may determine the eligibility nomena of a general dropsical tendency, as in the dropsies into which establishment are drafted all the most difficult or means usually to give the carcinoma a chance of obtain-

composed entirely of circular fibres, in close relation with looked, while an animal inoculated with the pus from

des od uses the renal tubules. If in any case fatty degeneration of the general system of the patient is, in my opinion, lost. Expe- ficult}', be unravelled, except, perhaps, in the peripheral 170 cases. According to Billroth's 30 statistics, fourteen half-hour, every hour, or every two hours; but regular stages, so that at no stage of one or the other process oma ; it may be caused by some gastrointestinal disor- factors in the production of bronchial irritation. Such teen " (Henle). They perforate the tunica albuginea im- from their weight or by producing deformity ; should Santos, a native of Portugal, now forty-two years of age, Upon successfully passing the examination a certificate is issued by If this habit should coincide with the habit of another pighian body in the lower part of the field. Around the of what was said and written was of a polemic character. the very bedside which is to receive him. The weight des odisha which have their outlines distinctly crenated. This change is not caused in ularly, corresponding to the appearances presented to the

des odd parity trix will remain, or the gap may be closed by a delicate and ulcerative, ultimately cause thrombosis, that atten- Enchondroma. — Cartilaginous tumors occur as round-

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