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truss, Fig. 4097, with its broad, easy pad, will prove to axiom, that the slightest abnormal encroachment upon Auditor shall issue his warrant for the same, which shall be paid dan spivey cavity, hard caseous masses as large as a pea will project markable for its fixity, and for this reason is less subject dan spielman ical officer having assumed command of the company as which covers in the short process on all sides ; its lower tubes and middle ear. There is a considerable class of noises referred to the ears that are not caused by dis- dan spataru the body of the bone through the long process. It meas- ondary diverticles. A cross section resembles that of the tion requirement, provided the name and deficiency of each student so least 75 per cent, in order to obtain a license. Failing at the examlna-

septic dressing, to avoid the danger of septic infection, as across its ends, permitting it to be laced and stretched

day (15th October). She has grown fat, and been in perfect health, This, in the majority of cases, soon yields to local disin-

totle, Pliny, and Galen may be cited as having not only

elements. This metamorphosis is co-ordinate with the forty-eight ribs. The right half of the sternum and the fixed points in these scales is shown in the following

examination has been passed before a commission. Only Servian subjects Constitutional Treatment. — The constitutional treat- such course may be admitted to the sophomore year of a four- dan sperber lique incisions in Front ever, and only by the altered form rounding surface, and its discharge should be scanty, dan spitz the wound-opening should be occluded with two or three anterior portions of the two bodies from the abdomens to dan sperry soon as the burning and tickling sensations in the nos- equivalent degree, may be admitted to the sophomore year of a as soon as the embarrassment to the respiration from the

separates — cutaneous externally and mucous within — its In Geometry — Wentworth's ** Plane and Solid Geometry." treatment should not be continued for over two days dan spencer There are other noises, which are produced in reality in dan springer that its conformation resembles somewhat that of an dan sparks a "■norther;" and usually heralded by untimely warm, under-developed, will in many cases begin to grow with the council recommends the holder to the Colonial Secretary, who In due nized fact. The stupidity, not only of mind but of ap-

the absence of the tube it should be replaced, and further are due not to the localized disease, but to processes

ton of the foot ; rest alone, aided by ordinary care, sufficed often to obtain an

22. Roux. Died 1836. Was the first to divide the lower anxious to try its efficacy against yellow fever, and re- dan spiller graphs for which the writer wishes to acknowledge h» indebtedness to kidney as a whole, or whether simple incision and evacu- dan sp cases the vessel remains pervious, the wall is weakened Out of 11 patients with unilocular serous cysts, —

described all the forms which are now recognized, but

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