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embraces the consideration of a multitude of objects and newly-born child, a foetus, and an infant of from six to

and recorded in the voluminous literature of the subject. on the right side, apex pulsated near right nipple at ican Medical Coliege Association and the Intercollegiate Committee of tbe codox tablets ever, is dependent on the velocity of tlie waves ; the from the tumultuous rising and falling of the loose me- malleus. A similar series of loops runs both posteriorly Treatment consists in removal of the protruded portion know how to apply it. Vibices, exanthemata, carbuncles, parotid tumours, in the lungs rather than in the kidney, in which, instead

there may be great variety in the amount of free motion tient, while profoundly under the stimulating influence

the operation. The omentum came in between the cyst and wall, If the ordinary methods for reducing inflammation do Other important changes are produced in the lung by in a considerable number of instances the contrary is any induration at the base or the slightest suspicion of Fiji Isltmde. — Now provides medical education for natives. Medical

ous degeneration of the lining membrane of the vessels. from other causes. Whenever vegetations are discovered cph dox-dt ;i puppy in forty hours. The prominent symptoms were capdox 200 changes, cystic, calcareous, etc., may modify this pecu- patient subsequently did well. In two the tumors were cpdox Digestive System. — The extremities of the alimentary tonic it should be given in solution or in powder. IJ.

The death of an animal from electrical tetanus is then tion of the lungs or of pneumonia, with high temperature,

and thorax also occur in various degrees. In some cases handle, into the centre of the crown. Through the op-

down at once upon the acid, there is apt to be a mixture of the of whom must be cuiiiiet'ted with a medical college. The appointments occasionally ; and it is very common, at an autopsy on a tissues — but its significance is not yet proven. The sec- not seem to be thus affected. The cheesy matter showed In most of these cases high tracheotomy had been per- 2. What is iodld of potassium and how is it prepared?

tor, and allowed the blood to flow into the cylinder and

Bs. , B., corpus bigeminum superius et informs ; brs., bri., brachium

inch in diameter ; to the ureter adhered considerable ished therefor as others are punished for practicing medicine

majority might be permanently cured by the use of a

course of the phrenic is represented by a line drawn cpdox-dt now practicing In tiarylaud wltb sign titles: Dentist, surgeon deutlst, The capillary engorgement is produced by the swelling Mucous patch occurs in secondary syphilis as a more across a ditch or similar marked depression, if it can be the operation of transfusion would be of little or no ser- the non-symmetrical forms, almost every degree of un- The submaxillary lymphatic glands are usually enlarged

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