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man (the son of a physician) the eyes were found to present a twofold de-

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bedside of the sick, where it accomplished marvelous cures (Norden, F. L.,

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Stewart, Daniel, L.R.C.S. & L.M.Ed., .-luchterarder

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of our hotel. ‘Doctor,’ he said, ‘please wait a

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I have no faith in the application of nitrate of silver or

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DHR Rules and Regulations regarding the right of mentally ill patients to

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bling those of traumatic origins. JAMA 1955;158:539-543.

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line; symptoms [including convulsions] similar to those of barbiturate withdrawal for

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committed patients. Physicians are available to accept emergency

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gical treatment of cervical discogenic radioculopathy

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is emptied of the foetus and secundines it immediately

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Barbkr : Dr. Mayne; Mr. R. W. Coe; Mr. W. W. Howard ; Mr.

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Norlestrin BH 1/50 is available in compacts each containing 21 tablets Each tablet contains

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ing quality position, private practice, hospital or academic. Edward H.

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whole army. So they snatched at their arms, and, taking sides,

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and sometimes with slight cutaneous disorder or other

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brought to me. Her appetite was not quite so good as

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' The Western and Southern Medical Recorder, edited by James Conquest Cross, M.

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the dose is not sufficient; never, however, increasing as long as the patient

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healthy subjects, kills not by its quality, but by suflbcating.

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tinctly admits that its Licentiates (who pass the sur-

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c^ated in a circle to produce the revolving appearance. It may be questioned,

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condensed lung, as already explained under the head of bronchophony.

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this grand wish of theirs, that the Council now make

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well, and I know he is a great stickler for the ethics of the profession and so on, and I know

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levels within 30 to 60 minutes and peak plasma levels two to three

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been enabled to make through the kindness of some of my professional

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both of Jason and Agamemnon, flocked hither from all parts of the Continent,

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We shall first designate the operation of Dr. Rhea Barton, for the cure of

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