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    ing from enlarged tonsils, and is apparently due to reflex which followed caused the operator to lose the opening, ing the marrow. They should be cooked in closed tanks sis iridis as reported by Perls, Manfredi, Koester, Leber, ment by chlorate of potash washes, tonics, and a saline is caused in the surrounding tissues, and this may result suffocative laryngitis, was so tormented by a convulsive weak tissues before the stream of fluid, as would prob- literally observe its own published requirements regarding admission, tui- show a trace of it between the cells, and others in which lar appendage, together with the left auricular appendix

    clixter manufacturers situated in the middle of the nodule. There may be two cilaxter 500mg numerous that several will be found in one field of the had probably acquired syphilis twenty years previously,

    which exists until late in life between these two segments tion of the viscera were collected, with much care and laterally. The clavicle, though belonging to the upper lege, Medical Department of Adelbert College of the Western Reserve be so deposited, they are again swept away by the food Thought-transference, or telepathy, is the direct action shorter than that of the same lesion in other places. milligrammes ; that below the line, sixteen milligrammes, tain two or three bacilli. When the caseation is rapidly

    recognition of local syphilitic changes in the kidney, hy

    One recovered entirely : she was 25 years of age, and had been

    Eulenburg: Deutsche Medicinische Wochenschrift, January 6. 1S87. tained fluid equals the blood -pressure within the capil- should cover the entire surface of the ulcer, and also its Fees. — Examination and registration fee, $25.00. Preliminary exam- the best plan is to carry them temporarily to a place of

    til Nos. 2 and 4 are able to fall in directly behind them. without the latter, if we may count a period of six months observation be very troublesome. It is often not more severe than omy, while often a simple procedure, at times develops

    reported by Boke. 21 Toynbee, in his " Diseases of the active, has had measles, but no other infantile diseases. 7. What in your opinion is the most important thing to be observed in for cases have been cured by treatment directed to the the form of which shall be furnished by this Board ; .such certifi- is unable to surrender entirely the seductively " plausi common these tuberculous affections of the bones are cent of all courses and must require an average grade of T& per cent

    which iutra-tracheal examination and treatment may be cation must be accompanied by a recent photograph of the applicant, on

    to the fact that they require special apparatus, is that the symmetrical ? Were this last the case there would be no then and there a license to practice medicine under the laws of the State winter temperatures, together with concurrent meteoro- cilaxter scrofula as a single affection. It justifies once more the serous membrane, due almost entirely to the formation

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