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Chloramphenicol Brand Name Uk

German thoroughness. But physiological scientific work is not confined

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intense hyperaemia of the organs attacked ; in fact, disproportionate to

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the thrifty, the intelligent and the clean, the results of voluntary

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We may thus feel that in the amount of haemoglobin we have a good

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Encouraging results were obtained in all his cases, excepting two patients

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and insane during the last five years ; fair general health but nervous

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or institutions, and whose incapacity has resulted from sexual license,

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and Toronto. It was quite evident that the best results were ob

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strychnia internally, but no other drugs. To the reviewer it

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with an alcohol lamp. Fifteen grains of resorcin usually suffice for each fumi-

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and somewhat larger than before, and about two months before admis-

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tried, with the most satisfactory results — the rattling rales disappeared almost

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by the use of the elastic tubing of Esmarch. Tubing compression has a

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The remedy seems to relieve pain arising from whatever cause. The

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adopted. Under this title the journal will be issued as regularly

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can be bent to include any meaning that attaches to it in the mind

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spinal cord, omitting Abbe's case, which, though counted bj White, seems

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clinically typhlitis in the same way, and have every reason to be

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Fig. 3. Cholecystitis Papillomatosa. Gross specimen.

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Constancy of abnormal sounds Sudden and frequent variations ot

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does seem to the impartial observer that, since the death of Hebra, who

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convalescence is long, the period when he would go back to

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Dr. Lockwood insisted on the importance of the differentia-

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two days before his death the child was apparently vigorous and well

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A diligent search of the literature of the subject has enabled me to

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theritic, and syphilitic forms we are expected to find under a different

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strikes the tendon the peculiar resistance thus offered is recognized and

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employ, and have had experience in their use under a competent

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solve into labor unions, councils, committees and organizations of

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more vigorously will the latter nourish. Secondly, fertilization of

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in children force is to be used, which, as time wears on, becomes

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His first case was a multipara, in whom birth was impossible because of a

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to cover all instrument trays and wash bowls in use during the

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rheumatism, he claims that the smaller percentage of cardiac complications

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The effects of habituation on the action of the newer hypnotics has not yet

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