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fresh joints become attacked, and those already involved became less
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the kidney has a specific power of secretion or excretion which may be
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arm and extending from the shoulder to the elbow. The upper end
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of the brain receive too much blood. Or there may be some obstruc-
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Parry (1825), and Todd (1843). But these observations had pro-
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a Special Medical Council for the supervision of all
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icides are poisons, and can be used to much better advantage
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included, in the following years, such subjects as Poi-
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With a -normal appetite, which is seldom wanting in the mountains,
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selves reflected in the urine, but the accompanying parenchymatous altera-
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flammation. That endocarditis slightly raises the temperature there
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to be vegetarians are so only in name. Experience teaches that a
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disapi)ear more speedily in these chronic cases than in the acute;
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contraction or stricture. It is sometimes obstructed from the acci-
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ing process must be stimulation of heat-inhibition. The function of
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it endows the patient with a power of resistance and persistence that
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silver. Only the unhealthy tissue should be destroyed and next the
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done. The root portion of the nail must be drawn out and removed
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it possible that he is so well. To remain in bed and take thirty grains
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I confess to a certain feeling of hesitation in entering upon the
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protoplasm of the cells (von Noordeu and Miura"). This effect
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tive condition, regard being had also to the age. As this requirement
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During the period of adolescence, headache is frequently experi-
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nose, throat, the eye, the bowels, the urethra, vagina and wherever
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behind it a legacy of increased disability. Their history indeed
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times break it up. Sweating is favored by the hot foot bath and hot
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red color uijon the addition of a few drops of a solution of ferric
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a loss of albumin is still present, carbohydrates together with a suffi-
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Garrod, but this should not occasion surprise, since oxalic acid may
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It must be acknowledged that the more one studies the diseases
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neck and shoulders, or extend into the arms, and foUow the track of
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cally or pathologically than asthma does to acute bronchitis; and a
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the use of flesh food causes a corresponding increase in the production
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The fjatient should reside in a mild but not relaxing climate, pre-
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