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£^0 per annum, with apartments, board, and attendance. Applications-
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vision. Yet we may deduce from them at least certain broad
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[Reported by W. A. Wills, M.D.Lond., M.R.C.P., Medical
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and the right ventricle, leading to enlargement of the vdns of the
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by Cohnheim in the category of inflammatory dropsy, and that seems
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supply of oxygen, while all means for improving general nutrition
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small-pox. These 41i; deaths were equal to an annual rate of 2.1 per
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curious to notice the arrangements for pouring boiling oil
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niiisance. If this be so in the ease of small pox hospitals,
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the same to their respective Secretaries. Members of the
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the gland. Halsted and MacCallom have demonstrated that they are
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produce a fair rate of interest, and at the same time be
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three or four times daily; otherwise it seems not to be amenable to any
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muscles. The conclusion, therefore, is that diabetes is primarily a
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it with whatever remedies promote the appetite and digestion. In all
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oktheExchfi.tfr said that he considered it very desirable that persons,
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Many of them were very chronic cases, among which post-
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the area of maize consumption is now known to be wider than that of
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that I demonstrated to them in my sections the bodies
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bridge, will always retain a pleasant recollection of a
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case of small-pox was notified in the shelter on June KJth,
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sure of arrest and punishment. He lilies to prick human
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textbooks. Hamilton, in his large work on fractures com-
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lum. It must be a body of primary importance, because its excision
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Gangrenous stomatitis, also called noma, is a rare affection, occur-
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Committee in certain communications with reference to the
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Treatment. — The various conditions above described afford many
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tractioci ot the mTi^rnhr wall ot the doodcmnn, and the bile then flows
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ing Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Midwives Regis-
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vision to be kept from a sanitary point of view, owing to
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are founded on their chemical reactions and decompositions,
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pelvic sciatica, but which was finally relieved by the appearance of a
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swollen, and stiff. In them the surface veins become enlarged com-
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IN thirty-three of the largest English towns, including London, 6,sir)<i
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These organisms may produce their effects mainly by blocking the
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to the condition of therapeutics, the means adopted for the
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same Committee on preliminary examination and on the re-
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twelve Fellows of the Riyal College of Surgeons. The names are as fol-

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