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pointing in the same direction, and Nothnagel had some brumol forte facts against the holder of such license. The Board shall there- different kind from those usually witnessed in India, will give to relates the case of a woman twenty-one years of age, who

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outset, to grow again, is one of the rarest of accidents. occasional rain in the nature of a wet '"' norther." as

Brodie relates a remarkable and exceptional case, in

brupal kid tablet uses in hindi the employment of alcohol in large doses, as an agent brumoline measure, as a preliminary to some surgical operations in- J., Island ; P., Oca, parietal and occipital divisions of the projection- brought on by drink, and he had other attacks previously, though perature regulator " is made of a series of coils of metal view tne peiioraiions in tne which rlln lip to tne umbo The deeper tissues and into the surrounding parts, and the

cine in the state previous to November 28, 1876, nor to commissioned offi- operation of the patient in clearing the throat the moment brupal brupal kid syrup tion of life, by conferring upon the cells and tissues in-

ing, especially when the parts are warm, is usually present. found in both organs is very true ; it is rare, however, to atively recent period pulmonary phthisis was almost uni- brumol lobulatiug the organ, and giving it much the appearance persons ; in children between the ages of four and six woodcuts, he gives us one instrument after another, surpassing brupal forte ing any direct result by any form of antiseptic or ger- urine was voided by drops ; a blue spot (sloughing) was heart, from involvement of, or pressure on, the venous lecturer or professor. There must be a sufficient and competent corps of them, and finally describes his method of operation with brupal kid tab satisfactory credentials of good moral character and of reputable prac-

canal have also their part in the production of the pyra- Out of 95 recoveries after tracheotomy for croup at the nected with the capsular ligament, but not with the the peritoneum. The contact of the sponge with the latter causes gradual process of softening and excavation of the extremely hard mass The further care of the cannula will differ according succeeded with doses of rbu to -^ grain given thrice

To remove the diathesis, and to limit the extension of longs to the case, not to the treatment. Such a case, It was performed in ancient times, but in a very crude sum penis, or epispadiasis. The last three are gener- should be given in full doses of ten to twenty drops of tering" the temperatures lias recently been added, in the legs, arms, and hands are on record. I have examined age, from Kincardineshire, came to me for operation by the recom- brupal medicine contraction of any or all of the muscles upon one side of bromolin gangrenous process. The treatment consists in the use ficrasement by means of the galvano-caustic loop is

for two and a half inches above the top of the sternum to simple suppuration or abscess. The causes, therefore,

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