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Benemid Action

it imprisons his judgment. Such a faith in systematized error must, if

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given diis subject attention during the past year, but I

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sue scattered over his body in somewhat symmetrical situations

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theories taken up at random, during the first month of the extended

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Northern, 2 p.m. ; St. Thomas's, IJ p.m. ; Ophthalmic Hosjital, South-

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onlv two tablets of codeine in the next four clavs.

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dairy, the cows of which were suffering from a disease

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cells abnormally large. In severe cases the hair follicles are destroyed ;

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with menorrhagia, but not dysmenorrhcea, in one ; cata-

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returned, and thirst and difficulty of hearing were complained of.

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course, does not mean a mere mistake of fact. Hundreds of people may have


when a second dose was administered at some later exposure or illness.

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jecting to the charges of Dr. Crosby for a fortnight's

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saved the life of this man, but we do believe it contributed

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the best nursing and the best Medical treatment to be had in

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bricus was expelled, once more with an ^teething in their production being under-

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tip projecting slightly beyond them, and is then retracted suddenly.

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with belladonna extract, sometimes does well. Sponging the body with

probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin

obstructive lesion of the motor path, at any point between the cortex

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some temporary hospitals during an outbreak of cholera, smallpox,

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to it. Olshausen^ could only find instances of 7 cases of scarlatina

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of 0.6 cc of the same preparation of insulin, which would indicate

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