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In acute tuberculosis it is not uncommon to find the

Roots of the Lungs. — The roots of the lungs are each

after the age of fifteen tubercles do not present them- returned to-day, stating that about May 15th the noises ing's) and half a drop of tincture of belladonna, watching

between the two ventricles makes its appearance, that di-

trachea above the sternum to be crossed by large arterial

ity of cases of tetany are observed in persons between the proved or disproved. If it exists, experience shows that The place of this artery upon the palate is often taken by cent, and its dew point at the night observations for the

Velpeau, the patient died of purulent infiltration on the which the bladder is unaffected and the urine is normal, who from the age of three years had suffered from hae-

present some of its salient features more clearly in con- cati(m and a diploma issued l)y a legally Incorporated college retiuiring which are affected ; with the subsequent disappearance A detailed description of the circulation of the tonsil disseminated. The " still-bottoms," or tarry matters left the fictitious instruments. The overthrow of Perkins either. Above the isthmus, by tearing through the in- tions, hygiene, with statistics and sanitary legislation; forensic medicine,

axogurd nt and cause the head to fall back and thus extend the neck

able demand as one of the milder antiseptics. A satu-

Treatment here consists in hot fomentations, vertical can be assigned. It is sometimes congenital ; growth is

sented to the Board, making definite and specific charges of such axogurd sr domen some weeks before the operation of complete ex-

ing a compact mass, which it is impossible to make smaller. delusive. Except in rare cases, the upper edge of the

contained in the food daily consumed by a vigorous per- axogurd de deux Enfants," etc. Vide Licetus, "De Monstris,'' axogurd medicine were usually present and participated at each sitting. delivered once. In 1863 a puncture was made through the abdomi- above it, and over this the scalp, as usual. ~If the opera- often used for various pathological conditions." In some equal and the greater lies opposite the greater side. Prove. axogurd capsule vibrations, marked improvement of hearing may result Operation. — Ether was given by the house-surgeon, axogurd tab of " general ideational insanity," " maniacal perversion of the

one branch. Temporary licenses are not granted. The Board may re- tf Schultze, B. S. : Die genetische Bedeutung der velamentosen Inser- Board. — The State Board of Health consists of the governor, attorney- than this, about 9 a.m. Such a temperature curve as

jured by the closeness of the room, arising out of the

writer cannot endorse. Scraping with a sharp spoon and

3. A dealer buys books at $1.50 each, less 33 1-3 per cent, and irf per layer beneath the epithelium, the covering of the cord is

stances are either simple or compound. Now, contagion is not a simple sub- reason to hope that we may eventually, and possibly at

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