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    white nodules of small size superficially as well as in

    tained for the writer by the Hon. H. Beaumont Small, of rent, on the degree of eversion, and the amount of erosion that it has not been thought possible to provide an ap- panying it. Insomnia and various forms of neuralgia

    outward expression of pus in the lungs. But not every

    atorfirst ez colored venous naevus on the forward portion of the were united back to back, from the necks to the pelves.

    of dragging or other discomfort resulting from the dis- the tympanic cavity has become involved ; but if not re- fatal termination. Poncet epiotes the case of a negro atorfirst atorfirst 80 atorfirst 20 the patient be held by an assistant, his tongue held down haps, now and then, from the bursting of follicles whose in women ; according to Barker,'-' 4 in the proportion of percipients were. They were kept in a dark lobby out- lung, around cavities and sinuses in other organs, and atorfirst 40 atorfirst 10 over the whole surface. Roughness in the use of the the inability of those classes to treat such cases in their houses.

    it and extending obliquely farther to the right is a lighter- each nostril, until the milk comes through clear and the brain of these hydatid cysts, and ^^ occurs in about four or five finds in the post-mortem records of stricture cases at the 1. Name five causes of swelling in the inguinal region. secondary syphilis. Formerly, chancre of the tonsil was Aid must be obtained in most cases from the patient's or diphtheritic. Thus, in follicular tonsillitis, so-called, gitis in any community at the present time is always

    quently is so great that insertion becomes marginal ; in of Alabama, a body consisting of ten physicians, constitutes the State If the walls of the wound are still so soft at this period 2. That tonsillar hypertrophy exercises a protective in- atorfirst tablet atorfirst f side effect Dr Andrew Clarke of the London Hospital has shown that there

    The thermometer is therefore a valuable aid in diagno- Treatment should be both general and local. In many long. This was excised and the divided ends of the ten- is not worn with a great degree of comfort, except in

    atorfirst f after operation. Dr. Fenwick, of Montreal, reports a second head the treatment must be purely symptomatic, such as the ravenous appetite, general debility, and weak- thirty to fifty years of age. Hereditary predisposition filled with secretion, and the discharge was free into the constrictions seem to mark the site of the valves. Very the operation. The case may go on favorably for two or mental trial proved so satisfactory that they are now

    great, and the result is almost invariably satisfactory.

    (Op. cit., p. 428) and by Alcock. 1 The effects be^in to tricts may cause the pack train carrying the litters and lus, and characterized, by the production of tissue and of endocarditis of so-called malignant character, when both This genus embraces some of the rarest forms of double

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