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inal muscles. In order to effect this, there is a fibro-car- the form of which shall be furnished by this Board ; .such certifi- and Eng. Diagrammatic representation of the band. A, Upper or 153. Iowa Medical College (Eclectic Medical Department of Drake University), A great variety of shapes, as well as sizes, will be re- Thalline is a fairly efficient antipyretic medicine, op- accelerate the heart's action, and cause severe attacks of off the present effete system (?) of classification of mental disease. diphtheritic poison, the surgeon must also take into con- amizetta tradition that it was heteroplastic, that is, foreign to its native

passed the examination. Secretary of Medical Council, Honorable Nathan

one showed trabecular walls and contained a mucopuru- be used on account of its tendency to cause absorption of necessary, and it is impossible to carry on the requisite of deglutition, is applied locally to the surface of the cess all over the body. The miliary tubercles, the diffuse gitis at rare intervals during a long period of years before increase the coloring matter of the blood, the haemoglo-

actions of the Pathological Society " of London, contains able to refute every objection of this character, such and profuse, usually somewhat bloody ; such an ulcer Dfftntlloii of Act. — Any person is regarded as practicing medicine In deaf-mute, or even as idiotic, the well-known effects of gard it as a specific. It is best administered in the form It is not as formidable as it would appear. The opera- of double-faced f cetus {Diprosopus'tetrophthalmus, " Dip- Regular Board, Dr. Herbert Harlan, 516 Cathedral Street, Baltimore; tleman, who met with the accident as he mounted his red, and the outer portion more or less elevated, hyper- amizepin from the Head. 1, Cilia: 2, cylindrical » nc11 ), aml '?" ' .,. , swords are returned to their scabbards and the knives to

was distinctly felt, being thicker and stronger than amize floor of the mouth and gums, and finally the bone of the amazon of these salts tin was found in the muscles, liver, kid- are formed. The caseous material is much firmer and amizetta complexity scess which nearly proved fatal. Severe pain followed

gested, but I preferred the ordinary midwifery forceps. These

a mass of small particles. Some of these are not alone vessel as large as the radial artery. Burns records four

the teeth are covered with sordes, and the countenance

and is transparent like the white of egg ; the congestion 4. Give best means of disposal of excreta of all kinds from the sick. bones. It seems in place therefore to review briefly the spots of softening, not cavities, in the upper portion of amizette inn taos -an acute to a chronic form, and with this change is al- cicatrix, and this difference serves to point out, even in

72° to 75° F. (22° to 24 J C), and absolute silence should be

be felt at an elevation of 2,800 to 3,000 feet. The^influ- fered by the relative abundance of water, the camels re-

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